Richard Everett is an actor, playwright and screenwriter. He is the author of 7 published stage plays including the much acclaimed “Entertaining Angels” which has had over 100 productions worldwide.

He has 200 animation scripts to his credit as well as 2 feature films, 3 plays for BBC radio 4, and a published collection of award winning sketches and meditations entitled ‘Sound Bites’.

Richard also runs drama workshops for Additional Needs Adults and seminars on ‘The Writer’s Journey’.

He is a visiting fellow of St John’s College, University of Durham.

Welcome to his website!


This is a poem I have written for the BBC for Pentecost:


The Whisperer
They said you came like a rushing wind
To me
You always seem to be
The Whisperer
The soundless voice
The gentle word
The phrase that’s said in season


They said you came with tongues of fire
To me
You always seem to be
The Comforter
The unexpected call
When darkness falls like stone
And the heart feels heavy and alone


They said you came with many voices
To me
You always seem to be
The timely cup of coffee
With a friend
You seem to send
At exactly the right moment


They said you came with signs and wonders
To me
You always seem to be
The smile of a stranger
Someone quite unknown
Who somehow knows
My need of your reminder


They said you came with deafening noise
To me
You always seem to be
A child’s laughter
Unfettered delight, a song from heaven
Expressing and bringing more joy
Than any toy or gift


They said you came in many ways
To me
You will always be
The windless breath, the softened voice
Riding the wings of insistent love
Always listening, always patient
Holy Whisperer

  • Like most in my profession this year of pandemic has stopped everything in its tracks. All productions ofEntertaining Angels scheduled for 2020 have been postponed but now hoping that 2021  will bring better times. To all getting back on the boards – I wish you all the very best!
  • Likewise plans for the development of  “Colin’s Home  with Graeae Theatre Co and the wonderful Jenny Sealey directing are all on hold.
  • That said, we are a resilient profession and I have no doubt that while some theatres are already showing heroic and inventive ways of keeping going, the massive challenge of restarting the production machine will be well met and we will be back!
  • MeanwhileSomething To Say my new one act play is available and published by Samuel French.
  • And SOUND BITES my book of seasonal sketches is still popular. You can order your copy by sending me a note via my contact page (cheaper!) or click here for Amazon. And ..
  • And finally, it’s been great to keep in touch with many of the graduates from Cranmer Hall as I continue as  Visiting Wayfarer Fellow to St John’s College, Durham.
  • PS don’t forget to  ..  Follow me on Twitter!

Meanwhile, here’s a couple of extracts from my book
“Sound Bites”!

The Lent Inspector

The Priest, the Guard and the empty Tomb

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“Branding Jesus” …
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“Arriving Home”

the ever popular “Life After Birth” …

“Entertaining Angels” – over 100 productions!

“Richard Everett has written a warm, glowing, serious comedy, like an Ayckbourn play finished by JM Barrie.”
The Sunday Times.

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