L’Arche Workshops

L’Arche is a residential community for adults with Learning Difficulties and Special Needs. It was founded by the catholic theologian Jean Vanier in France  in 1964 and now has communities all over the world.

Thursday afternoon workshop
Thursday afternoon workshop
Edward as James Bond filming
Edward as James Bond filming "Most Important Person"
L'Arche workshop featuring Jo
L'Arche workshop featuring Jo

“For some years I have been taking a weekly drama workshop at L’Arche. It is immensely rewarding, gets me away from my desk and keeps me in touch with the real world. And every week I ask myself the same question: who is really the one with ‘special needs’ here?’ They are my teachers and mentors.

Below are 2 short films I made with them and a gallery of pictures.”


The Most Important Person in the World

Intro by the Team:

Everywhere you go there are ‘important’ people – in magazines, on TV, and even at airports and football grounds they have reserved places for VIP’s (Very Important People). But how do you get to be an ‘important’ person? What makes someone ‘important’? This short film came from a drama workshop we did about it, and then we went and made a short movie – as you do! We hope you enjoy it.

The Beatitudes

Intro by the Team:

This was from another workshop we did making pictures out of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew’s Gospel. Actually it was good fun making a film and it’s part of a bigger project on peace and love featuring people with learning disabilities living in the community. I hope that you will enjoy the brilliant performances, radiating hope, love and friendship.

Gallery of more photos here.


Richard is also a popular speaker at conferences and events performing extracts from his book Sound Bites, talking about his life as an actor and playwright and the many fascinating people he has worked with, and exploring the relationship between his faith, his work and the creative process. His most recent engagements have been as Visiting Wayfarer Fellow to St John’s College, Durham,  St Anselm’s Community at Lambeth Palace, Lee Abbey in Devon, RZIM Summer Institute in Atlanta, The Makers Series, Richmond Virginia, and OCCA (The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics).

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