Present From The Past (AKA Hindsight)

  • A work of genuine warmth and compassion that can have you chuckling one moment, brushing away a tear the next.

    Mid Sussex Times
  • In a rare coming together of flair talent and a brilliantly crafted script, it is undoubtedly one of most entertaining pieces of theatre I have ever seen.

    Wokingham Times

Family comedy drama.
Published by Samuel French
First produced as ‘Hindsight’ at the Watermill Theatre Newbury. Later national UK tour. Now regularly performed by amateur companies.

Samuel French Publications plot summary:
Frances, Howard and Rachel have always believed that their father, David, died in a boating accident when they were children .. but the truth is somewhat different. When the three adult siblings gather to clear out the house of their recently deceased mother, long-hidden secrets are revealed. But none of the skeletons to tumble from their collective closets is more tangible or more shocking than David, their father, arriving with the news that the house is, in fact, now his. Questions of inheritance, personal justice, forgiveness and acceptance are raised by this sharply-observed and unsparing play, the differing reactions of David’s offspring to the various revelations being, in turn, hilarious, dramatic and moving.

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