Happy Event

First produced Theatre Royal Windsor. Later The Royal Theatre, Northampton and national UK tour. Also Theater am Dom in Koln, Germany. Regularly performed by amateur companies.

Samuel French Publications writes ..
“Jane Harbottle is expecting the unexpected happy event of the title, but she is nervous about breaking the news to her husband Peter because it could prevent his forthcoming job promotion and posting to Saudi Arabia. Choosing the right moment is crucial so Jane prepares a quiet dinner to prepare the way. But Jane has unwisely confided in her friend Stella who, with her husband Mike, is delighted with the news and determined to celebrate at the first available opportunity. To make matters worse, the Harbottles’ scatter-brain neighbour Polly thinks she too is pregnant and then confuses the issue further by telling Peter that Stella is also having a baby. Meanwhile, Grigore, a Greek business colleague of Peter’s, with little English but plenty of zest, arrives all too willing to celebrate anything and is soon very smitten with Polly. As Grigore gets higher, and Polly dafter, Peter struggles with a sprained ankle and a secret of his own .. small wonder that Jane starts throwing the antique dinner service around. Will the comic chaos settle down long enough for the truth to emerge in this delightfully funny and well-constructed comedy of misunderstandings?”

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