Four Play

First Performed at The 2006 Edinburgh Festival.

When Floyd and Kate invite their best friends Hugo and Sophie round for dinner to help them sort out their marital problems, private and well-intentioned arrangements are made for the couples to meet individually and talk more. Within a few short scenes the play jumps ahead in time to the two couples meeting again having swapped partners the year before. The play then traces how this came about and becomes a patchwork of time and incidents. As the denial and self-deception unfolds and the almost farcical attempts by the couples to explain why they are spending so much time with their best friend’s husband/wife increase, the play jumps back and forth in time. Eventually the evening of the four of them meeting again in a restaurant progresses revealing a number of surprises. The play’s final scene takes us back to the very first time that Floyd and Kate introduced Hugo to Sophie – and echoes of the very first scene of the play resound.

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  • This is a fast-paced play .. full of fun, yet poignant. It is told in stages with flash backs that hold the attention for the duration .. Hard pushed to beat

    One 4 Reviews
  • Thought-provoking without being heavy-handed and almost as frequently humorous as insightful

    The Stage
  • Richard Everett’s comedy of manners .. is beautifully written and performed. Everett’s skill as a writer has succeeded in making all the characters sympathetic .. it is a testimony to good writing that by the end of the play we care about the outcome of every one of them

    The Scotsman