(Production photos: Emily Appleton)

Psychological drama.
First produced at the Zimmertheater, Heidelberg for a 4 month run, then a successful limited run of 20 performances in Lithuania, and most recently at The Ice Factory studio theatre, Teignmouth in an acclaimed production by The Teignmouth Touring Theatre Company.

Social media responses:
“Demons” had its UK premiere at The Ice Factory Studio Theatre last night and what an incredibly powerful piece it is … an intense experience left a number of people virtually speechless at the end.  But boy was it worth it!”

“An exceptional piece of theatre that spoke directly to the emotions.”

“A wonderful piece of writing. Richard Everett has crafted a fascinating study of loss, blame and the power of forgiveness.”

“Richard Everett’s magnificent drama of bereavement was all I had come to expect.”

Hannah is a young mother grieving over the death of her little boy killed by a drunk driver. She has been on anti depressants for a year and her marriage to Leo is under severe strain.

When Hannah’s psychotherapist Carla, suggests that visiting the convicted driver in prison might help her to ‘replace the monster with the man’ Hannah angrily dismisses the idea. But when her husband Leo confesses to a foolish one-night stand with another woman, Hannah changes her mind about the prison visit.

Confronting Daniel, the convicted man, proves to be a shocking encounter, not least because the last thing Daniel wants is her pity – he feels guilty enough without her trying to show him compassion.

Leo is also deeply wounded by his wife appearing to forgive the man who killed their child but unable to forgive him for a momentary indiscretion. Little by little everyone’s story reveals that while everyone was in their own way responsible for what happened that tragic day, no one was actually to blame. Blame, or the lack of it, is the thing that Hannah has to painfully come to terms with.

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  • DEMONS is about guilt and responsibility, about feelings of grief and sorrow and about coming to terms with loss ….. This is a profoundly psychological and human play, staged by Ute Richter in a sensitive and effective way

  • DEMONS is a thrilling, stirring and wise play about mourning, guilt, and responsibility. Richard Everett was able to explore the depths of a suffering and grieving soul’s psyche. He carefully leads his main character through the various stages to a realisation that life after an inconceivable tragedy is indeed possible.

  • Richard Everett’s play “Dämonen” experienced its successful world premiere at the Zimmertheater Heidelberg in the presence of the author

  • … It explores what happens when ‘blame’ has more to do with the ‘accountability’ of all the characters after a tragic accident … It was a perfect evening with a deeply appreciative audience

    Mannheimer Morgen
  • The English author Richard Everett has explored a difficult subject which results in a reflective, multi-layered and wonderfully intimate stage play. Intense and with a subtlety in the treatment of the characters and their development that is rare to see these days where the tendency is to focus on superficial theatre and big effects. It is a play about awareness – of others, and oneself. What is love? Is it just desire and respect? How should one face unbearable pain?

  • Terrific world-premiere of Richard Everett’s impressively intimate play