Close To The Wind

Comedy drama.
Published by Samuel French
First produced Theatre Royal Windsor. Later enjoyed a 3 month run at the main comedy house Theater Am Kurfurstendamm, Berlin. Regularly performed by amateur companies.

Samuel French Publications writes ..
“Gerry believes his twenty three year marriage is all right, but Kate feels differently. Their lives have been a series of distractions – first home, children, second home – but now the children are going, Kate feels useless and wonders if it all hasn’t been a terrible mistake. Returning home after a disastrous and abandoned visit to the theatre, hi-jacked by Gerry’s lively mother, Mary, Gerry and Kate attempt to salvage the evening at a local restaurant – but it just makes a bad evening out into a worse one. Daughter Louise and her boyfriend Julian are key players in this comedy of marital mishap and mid-life crisis, as are Mary and her beau, Roy. However, the end of this amusing and highly perceptive play finds Gerry and Kate caught on the sofa for all the world themselves like mischievous teenagers.”

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