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Purchase a performing licence for Sound Bites & More Sound Bites!

This is where you can obtain an amateur licence to perform any of the “Sound Bites” material. It’s easy to do and takes just a few minutes using PayPal’s secure site. You have three choices:

You can buy…

  1. A licence allowing an individual to perform any of the material in the book ‘Sound Bites’ in any amateur or non-profit-making context for 1 year for £15
    OR the scripts and a lifetime licence for the material in the ‘More Sound Bites‘ bundle. Please state which when ordering.
  2. A licence to perform the material in the book ‘Sound Bites’, for 2 years for £25.
  3. A licence allowing an individual, group or church, to perform any of the material in the book ‘Sound Bites’ in perpetuity (for life, in other words) for £50.

When you have made your choice, just click on the appropriate button below and you will be taken to PayPal’s secure site. Once you have completed payment, you will receive a PayPal receipt by email. This will be your Performing Licence so please keep it safely.
And don’t forget – you can always have the licence in the name of your church or group!

  • One Year OR 'More Sound Bites'
    • Individual Licence
    • More Sound Bites! (in perpetuity)
      Sound Bites (original) for 12 months
  • Two Years
    • Individual Licence
    • Valid for 24 months

Terms & Conditions

The licences available for purchase on this page entitle the licence-holder(s) to perform live any of the material exclusively contained in the book ‘Sound Bites’ unlimited times in any amateur or non profit-making context for the period represented by the licence fee paid. It excludes all professional rights whatsoever for the use of the material in any context. Permission for all professional and other performing rights must be obtained separately either by applying to Casarotto, Ramsay Associates ( ), or via enquiry to this website. It is the licence-holder(s) responsibility to ensure that, wherever possible, the material is correctly credited as “(Title), an extract from ‘Sound Bites’ by Richard Everett,” and that the material is not used in any manner likely to cause offence or misused in any way. Licence fees are non-refundable.