• It is good to have an established playwright finding fresh ways to explore ancient truths.

    Dr. Rowan Williams
    Dr. Rowan Williams (Former Archbishop of Canterbury)

Award-winning 5 minute plays ready to perform in 15mins!

  • Richard Everett’s sketches are like a big floppy hat. Funny, strangely stylish and very easy to put on.

    Milton Jones
    Milton JonesComedian (TV’s ‘Mock The Week’)

…Including Mission Accomplished, the sketch that made Prince William and Kate and the Middleton family rock with laughter on Christmas morning!

A collection of 30 seasonal sketches designed to work like mini radio plays, Sound Bites covers Christmas, New year, Lent and Easter, Mothering Sunday, Father’s Day and other occasions.

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Listen to some extracts from the book…

Award-winning recordings below are performed by RE and Michele de Casanove,
produced by Emily Jeffery and first broadcast on BBC Surrey & Sussex.


      Mission Accomplished

A senior angel is in meltdown as a junior angel reports back explaining that the Bethlehem Hilton was booked.

      Fairy And Snowman

The Christmas tree fairy (who used to be action man until someone stuck a tutu on him) wants to know why they are there what they’re all doing dangling off a tree.

      A Shepherds Eye

Jethro the shepherd wakes his wife in the night and persuades her to come and see a baby. She’s not convinced and reckons he’s been at ‘the sauce’ again.

      Story Of A Star

The Bethlehem Star tells its own story of how it discovered that not all is not what you see, and how it learned the meaning of humility.

      Still No Room At The Inn

After 2,000 years Mary and Joseph are still looking for somewhere to stay and people are still finding reasons to turn them away.

      Happy New Year

Mrs Fickle wants her usual groceries plus half a pound of New Year’s Resolutions but Mrs Grovel, the shopkeeper, doesn’t recommend them: “They don’t keep and you can’t freeze them,” she says, and all she’s got left is a dusty old offer by ‘God & Son PLC’.


      Give Us Back Our Donkey

Jethro is in trouble when his wife, Miriam, discovers he has let a couple of total strangers steal their precious donkey ‘Caesar’ and some lunatic is now joy-riding it round the town.

      A Soldiers Tale

A Roman soldier on duty at execution hill has a strange encounter while fishing on his day off a week later.

The Priest, The Guard & the Empty Tomb

Based on a few verses in Matthew, a guard explains to a Chief Priest that ‘a situation’ has developed at the dead Galilean’s tomb. The irritated Priest offers him a bribe to keep his mouth shut until it all blows over.

The Lent Inspector

An official from a government dept called the KGB (Keeping God in a Box) calls to collect a woman’s completed WIGUL Form (What I’m Giving Up for Lent) – i.e. 10 things without which she will be absolutely miserable until Easter.

Creation, Other occasions, and Further thoughts

      Creation Conference

The dawn of time, the Archangel fields questions from the heavenly host on who or what this new creation is for, why ‘They’ have gone to all this trouble to make it, and what happens if it all goes wrong.

      Mothers Day

When a son arrives at his mother’s house with flowers on Mothering Sunday he is greeted at the door by someone he doesn’t recognise and who insists she is God.

Two examples from the meditations and monologues adaptable for more than one voice.

      What On Earth Is Prayer


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Meanwhile, since the book was published I have not been idle!

More Sound Bites!

7 new sketches and 2 meditations ..

Branding Jesus

Two pushy advertising execs pitch a PR campaign to Jesus to help him improve his profile.

Basil in Bethlehem

Basil the innkeeper rants at his wife Sybil for having let a single mother and her dad, together with a bunch of shepherds, into his precious hotel.

The Ox and The Ass

A disgruntled Ox complains to a tired donkey about a family of refugees that has taken up residence in his front room and a child asleep in his food trough.

In Conversation with a Turkey

A pheasant discusses the meaning of Christmas with a turkey who seems tragically unaware of the catering arrangements.

Life After Birth

Twins in the womb discussing whether there might be anything beyond 9 months and the amniotic fluid (Watch here on the home page!).

The Baptism

Two babies discuss what this odd thing called ‘baptism’ is about, and if the water will have bubbles, and how God was when they chatted with him that morning.

Arriving Home

A guest in a hotel room is puzzled to find that all his ‘baggage’ has been thrown out in reception, the view from his room is strangely familiar and he is to be guest of honour at a banquet that evening.

Son Rise

A meditation in verse for Easter morning.


A meditation in verse for Remembrance Sunday.

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  • Richard Everett has the remarkable ability to be very funny and very serious, almost in the same breath. These are masterly sketches which are instantly memorable because they are sharply written and always to the point. Sound Bites is silly, profound, moving, often hilarious and frequently uplifting. The material is gloriously easy to perform at a moment’s notice but the beautiful further thoughts and reflections make sure that this is an anthology which has far more than instant appeal. It should be treasured in the heart for years to come.

    Murray Watts Playwright and screenwriter (‘The Miracle Maker’)

Richard discusses his work, his faith and Sound Bites…