Richard Everett is an actor, playwright and screenwriter. He is the author of 7 published stage plays including the much acclaimed “Entertaining Angels” which has had over 100 productions worldwide.

He has 200 animation scripts to his credit as well as 2 feature films, 3 plays for BBC radio 4, and a published collection of award winning sketches and meditations entitled ‘Sound Bites’.

Richard also runs drama workshops for Additional Needs Adults and seminars on ‘The Writer’s Journey’.

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  • Wishing all visitors to this site a very happy Christmas!
    And a seasonal thought to go with it:

Through the Eyes of a Christmas Sun Rise.
The C.S Lewis memorial stone in Poet’s Corner, Westminster Abbey has engraved on it the following:
“I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen. Not only because I can see it but because by it I can see everything else.”

As Christmas approaches, I find myself intrigued by two things: firstly, the details we have about the birth of Christ were mainly recorded by someone called Luke who may have been a physician and who was concerned with writing an ‘orderly account’ of extraordinary events. So those familiar Christmas texts we hear children endearingly say from under tinseled halos are not fairy tales but carefully recorded accounts worthy of serious exploration. That said, the second thing I notice at this time is how the child in me emerges, not because of the parties, the presents and the food, but because of the anticipation in the air, the sense that in a hard-bitten materialistic world something mysterious and other-worldly is approaching, something that defies easy explanation, something that actually doesn’t make a lot of sense – unless I see it through certain eyes.
According to Luke, Mary and Joseph’s situation wasn’t great – they were effectively homeless in a brutally occupied country and about to give birth to an apparently illegitimate child that would have made both of them outcasts even with their own families. Nothing pretty or festive about any of it. One also might say that the Almighty’s plan to make an impressive appearance among his creatures was going distinctly pear-shaped (any PR company today would ditch the account immediately!). And yet … a handful of shepherds were seeing something else. And according to Matthew, so also were some wise and scholarly men (we don’t know how many), hungry for hope, searching for something they would only know when they found it, but certain it was significant and real. They, and others like Simeon and Anna, were seeing the extraordinary hidden in the ordinary – they were seeing through different eyes, the eyes that CS Lewis refers to. The light that came into their world enabled them to see the rest of the world in another way. For me, the challenge handed down through the centuries is: can I see through those same eyes? Can I see my world and even my own year ahead in the light of a Christmas sun rise? In the light of ‘Emmanuel’, God with us? Happy Advent!
Meanwhile ..

  • 4 productions of “Entertaining Angels” in November in Shewsbury, Oldham, Taunton and Bury, Lancs, and 3 so far scheduled for next year in Ilkley, Harrogate, and Stoke-on-Trent.
    Best wishes to all!
  • Good time leading week at Lee Abbey – beautiful surroundings stimulating company. Thanks for looking after us so well!
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The Fairy and The Snowman

The Christmas tree fairy (once an Action Man until someone stuck a tutu on him) wants to know why he and the other decorations are dangling off a fir tree.

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      Fairy And Snowman

Still No Room At The Inn

After 2,000 years Mary and Joseph are still looking for somewhere to stay and people are still finding reasons to turn them away.

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      Still No Room At The Inn

Entertaining Angels – over 100 productions!

“Richard Everett has written a warm, glowing, serious comedy, like an Ayckbourn play finished by JM Barrie.”
The Sunday Times.

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