Richard Everett is an actor, playwright and screenwriter. He is the author of 7 published stage plays including the much acclaimed “Entertaining Angels” which has had over 100 productions worldwide.

He has 200 animation scripts to his credit as well as 2 feature films, 3 plays for BBC radio 4, and a published collection of award winning sketches and meditations entitled ‘Sound Bites’.

Richard also runs drama workshops for Additional Needs Adults and seminars on ‘The Writer’s Journey’.

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  • Good time leading week at Lee Abbey – beautiful surroundings stimulating company. Thanks for looking after us so well!
  • Followed by great evening with Teignmouth Touring Theatre Co (3tc) and friends discussing “Entertaining Angels”. Book now for their Henry V in September!
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‘Sound Bites in Advent’ wins Jerusalem Trust Award!

Joint winner with the BBC – a great night at BAFTA, Piccadilly.

The Lent Inspector is coming
to a house near you!
Watch out!

Entertaining Angels – over 100 productions!

“Richard Everett has written a warm, glowing, serious comedy, like an Ayckbourn play finished by JM Barrie.”
The Sunday Times.

Panto with L’Arche workshop

UK National Tour

UK and US general release